Crackdown fails on cracker sale

Itahari, October 27:

Though the local administration has imposed a ban on use and sale of firecrackers, rampant selling of firecrackers can be seen in major towns and rural markets of Sunsari district.

With people welcoming Tihar (the festival of lights) across the nation with much fanfare, sale of the contraband of various kinds is on the rise in Itahari, Inaruwa, Dharan, Duhabi, Khanar, Jhumka, Hansposa, Sonapur, Laukahi, Bhantabari and other places. Despite the fact that most of these places are located nearby police stations, police are not bothered to crack down on fireworks.

It is reported that many towns, bordering with India, such as Kaptangunj, Devangunj and Amduwa have been witnessing excessive sales of firecrackers. In most of the cases, children are being used to sell the contraband.

Some children can be seen selling firecrackers in these places by erecting makeshift shops on roadsides. According to sellers, minors are misused and the police do nothing to discourage the sales of firecrackers. Locals alleged that police personnel were turning a blind eye to the sale of firecrackers.

Bhesh Raj Pokhrel, chief of Inaruwa branch of UPKA Nepal, an NGO working for children, has urged the local administration to immediately implement the ban on the contraband and discourage the involvement of children in selling firecrackers. However, Yadav Raj Khanal, a senior police officer in the district, claimed that the ban is being implemented. “Law will not spare anybody if found involved in selling firecrackers.”