Crackdown on fake teachers stepped up

Birgunj, August 24

District Administration Office, Parsa, has intensified crackdown on fake teachers.

A report had showed that many fake teachers withdrew salary in the name of different schools. The DAO intensified search for fake teachers after Abadhesh Yadav and Sitambar Thakur were found withdrawing salary in the name of Nepal Rastriya Adharbhut School, Lalparsa.

The DAO said the two had fake appointment letters issued by the school on February 13. The appointment was also approved by District Education Office on the same date. According to sources, more than 40 teachers have obtained fake appointment letters in Parsa.

Chief District Officer Lok Nath Poudel said some employees at DEO, teachers and members of school management committee with ill-intention were involved in such illegal acts.

Locals claimed that local representatives gave the teachers fake appointment letters as the local levels were empowered to look after schools. They even use fake government seal, they added.

The sources argued that there were a large number of fake teachers in Masihani, Bijbaniya and Subarnapur.

District Education Development and Coordination Unit Chief Lal Babu Sah said Nepal Rastriya Primary School itself was unknown about the appointment of two teachers.