Cross-border travel ban extended till Dec 15


The government has decided to continue the ban on people’s movement across Nepal’s border with India and China till December 15.

According to a press release issued by the Department of Immigration, the government has, however, decided to allow those working for foreign diplomatic missions, international organisations, non-governmental international organisations, their families, non-resident Nepalis and their families to enter Nepal if they produce PCR (polymerase chain reaction test) negative report issued up to 72 hours before their scheduled travel.

The DoI has stated that children of such travellers who are below the age of five years won’t be required to produce PCR negative reports.

Other foreigners who want to travel to Nepal can get entry visa or on arrival visa only on the basis of the recommendations of Nepal’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation on the condition that they will comply with health safety measures enforced by the Government of Nepal.