Curd splashing festival held in Tauthali

CHAUTARA: People, in Tauthali, observed curd splashing festival, a ritual held the next day of Bijaya Dashami, splattering curd to one another, on Wednesday.

The revelry begins with an offering of curd to the local goddess Tripurasundari, held in Tripurasundari Rural Municipality of Sindhupalchok district. It is believed to have started in the 13th century during the rule of Malla dynasty.

According to the Chairman of Tripurasundari Rural Municipality - Bhupendra Shrestha, the unique tradition is practised only at Tauthali in the temple of goddess Tripurasundari every year.

After the festival ends, the face and body of the revellers are covered with curd making it difficult for them to walk with curd splattered all over the place.

According to locals, about 10 years ago, the curd splashing would bring a stream of curd flowing down the area during the ritual due to the sheer amount of curd that used to be splashed. But the amount of curd brought for the ritual has diminished over the years as the number of farmers rearing cattle has reduced.