Cyclone Phethai brings chilly days

KATHMANDU: Cloudy skies, light rain and snowfall at a few places across the country has been forecast today due to the impact of cyclone Phethai, originated from the south-west area of Bay of Bengal.

In a press statement today, the Meteorological Forecasting Division, Department of Hydrology and Meteorology has predicted light rainfall at a few places in the eastern and central regions, and at one or two places of the western hilly region today.

Likewise, there are chances of light to moderate snowfall in a few places of the eastern and central high mountainous regions.

Similarly, landfall has been expected on coastal region of Andhra Pradesh of India this afternoon as the cyclone moves from north to west, said meteorologist Barun Poudel. He further explained that landfall is when the cyclone touches the land, which triggers rain and storm.

Temperature in several parts of Nepal including Kathmandu Valley dipped today as skies became cloudy.

Minimum temperature of the Valley today was recorded at 2.5 degrees Celsius and maximum at 20 degrees Celsius. Temperature in the country including the Valley is continuously falling for the past few days. Kathmandu's minimum temperature was measured 3 degrees Celsius yesterday and it was 5-6 degrees Celsius a week ago.

Meanwhile, Jumla's temperature has also dropped to minus as it measured the lowest at -6 degree Celsius today.