‘Dahal engaged in business in the guise of Maoist’


Minister of Urban Development Prabhu Sah accused Pushpa Kamal Dahal of doing business in the guise of a Maoist.

Minister Sah slammed Madhav Kumar Nepal and accused him of being selfish. He said the government was working on a war-footing to prepare for the polls while Dahal and Nepal were dodging the polls with street protests.

Addressing a Nepal Communist Party (Oli faction) gathering in Chandrapur, Sah said Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli was forced to dissolve the House of Representatives after the leaders from the rival faction cornered him. He accused the Dahal and Nepal faction of trying to run away from the polls.

Sah flayed Pushpa Kamal Dahal and said many authentic Maoists had left him due to his hunger for power. He reiterated Dahal was doing business in the guise of the Maoist movement. He accused Dahal of renouncing Communist principles and finishing off the Maoist movement.

Sah defended the Oli government and urged the party rank and file to prepare for the polls.