Damaged roads being reconstructed

Dhading, December 5

Months after they were damaged in landslides triggered by the massive earthquakes, reconstruction of roads in the northern part of Dhading has begun recently.

Ever since landslides buried the roads and mule trails, the northern parts of the district were cut off from road network and the rest of the district.

Reconstruction of the damaged access roads and trails linking five Village Development Committees with the national road network has begun after villagers united for reconstruction of the roads under ‘food for work’ project.

A local villager said each of them gets 150 kg rice and 27 kg pulses in return for their labour for 40 days. “Working for the project gives us double benefit as we’re earning our livelihood from it and at the same time contributing to the reconstruction of damaged roads,” he said.

According to Himalayan Health Care Nepal Project coordinator Shambhusingh Thakuri, ‘food for work’ programme is introduced in Tipling, Sertung, Lapa, Jharlang and Ril VDCs with support from WFP.

“Under the project, we will first reinstate the trails and then other roads,” he said.