Damauli Hospital acquires PPEs for emergency

DAMAULI: Damauli Hospital in Tanahun district has acquired 10 sets of personal protective equipment (PPE) for emergency cases of possible coronavirus outbreak.

Chief of Damauli Hospital, Dr Sunil Paudel, informed that the hospital purchased medical supplies including facemasks, gloves and 10 sets of PPE in case COVID-19 is detected in the district.

As the medical supplies are for one-time use only, they will be sufficient for two days if any suspicious cases arrive in the hospital, claimed Chief Paudel.

Another doctor at the hospital Dr Ram Hari Dahal said that though the supply could ease the situation to some extent, it will not be enough in case of further emergencies. He added that the hospital has asked the federal and provincial governments for necessary equipment and supplies for the treatment of coronavirus infected patients.

The hospital -- which has established COVID-19 specific health desk to inform people -- is prepared to keep those in isolation who might visit the health facility with problems in respiration or high fever.