Damauli locals benefited by DAO's mobile service camp

DAMAULI: More than 1100 people have benefited from a mobile camp initiated by the Tanahun District Administration Office at Hilekharka and Piughar in AabuKhaireni rural Municipality, Damauli.

The camp was conducted by a team led by Administrative Officer at the DAO, Ram Prashad Dhakal, with the goal of providing services at the doorsteps of the rural areas of Damauli.

Bharat Kumar Sharma, Chief at District Office, said that the camp was held for two days (Poush 27 and Poush 28) where 112 locals received citizenship at their own doorsteps. Around 43 males and 66 females received citizenship from the camp.  Also, the District Election Office was able to collect 164 names from the district with the help of the same camp.

In addition, as many as 72 locals received free dental checkup with free medicines. It was also noted that Ujyalo Gurung, an 80-year-old resident of Damauli  was elated on receiving Nepali citizenship.

From the beginning of this fiscal year, the mobile camp has been successfully able to provide 1106 locals with citizenship, of which 317 are from Devghat Rural municipality, 89 from  Sukala Gandaki Municipality, 191 from Ghiring rural municipality, 299 FROM Bhimad municipality, 98 from Raising rural municipality.