Damauli locals migrate in search of better facilities, opportunities

Damauli, January 23

Hundreds of locals in Chuder of Byas Municipality, Damauli, have been migrating to bigger cities in search of better facilities.

The lack of basic facilities, including health care and drinking water, among others, in Byas Municipality has led to migration at an alarming rate. “The trend of migrating to better places in search of modern and essential facilities has rapidly increased among villagers,” said Shree Bahadur Thapa, a former ward chairperson.

According to Thapa, the villagers migrate to the capital city, Pokhara, Chitwan, Damauli and other plain lands of the country. “Seeking better education, health, drinking water, electricity and other facilities, many families of remote locations have migrated to different places,” said Thapa.

“Of around 300 households at Chuder, Dhabthumki and Damdame, hardly around 50 families are currently living in the villages while the rest have migrated,” said Tara Bahadur Thapa, a teacher at local Sindhu Primary School.

Meanwhile, a budget of one million rupees has been allocated to supply drinking water from Dharadi gorge to Byas Municipality. Lawmaker Dhruba Wagle has taken special initiatives for the project, said locals.