DAO issues order to demolish chhau sheds

Doti, December 27

Doti District Administration Office has issued order to remove all chhau sheds in the district.

Stating that action would be taken against those keeping women at sheds during menstruation, DAO has directed for the removal of such structures. A district-wide campaign has been put in place to dismantle the chhau sheds that have been used for dehumanising women.

DAO has asked all local levels to cooperate the bid to remove Chhau sheds in rural areas of the district. Though there are no chhau sheds in district headquarters Silgadhi, the structures prevail in rural areas. Police administration has also started collecting data about chhau sheds in rural area of Doti. Due to the prevalence of such malpractice, at least 12 women have so far lost their lives in the far-western region of Nepal.

Incidents of women being raped while spending nights in the sheds are increasing. However, no concrete efforts have been taken from bodies concerned to prevent such incidents. Chetraj Bhatta, a local of Kisingh Rural Municipality, said chhaupadi practice was still highly prevalent in rural areas of Doti and other adjoining districts.

“People have deep rooted belief that the gods maybe furious when chhau sheds are removed,” he said. In line with the directive of the Home Ministry, the DAO has taken bold action to demolish chhau sheds in Doti.