DAO Kaski detects coliform in jar water

Pokhara, July 11

A team deployed from District Administration Office, Kaski, today sealed Pokhara-based CM Aqua Company Today for supplying polluted water to the market.

Earlier, the team had warned the company proprietor not to supply polluted water to the market. Assistant Chief District Officer Ganga Bahadur Chhetry said the team had sealed the company after they detected coliform bacteria in jar water. He said the team had collected water from five different companies and sent the samples to the Inspection and Supervision Office for sample tests. He said as per the lab test, coliform bacteria was found in the water of Today brand. CDO Chhetry and Rajesh Panthi, DSP Rabindra Man Gurung and Consumers Forum Province Chair Kapil Nath Koirala, among others, had sealed the plant and taken information from Managing Director Kapil Kiran Shrestha.

DSP Gurung said police had started investigating the case. He said the process for filing case would be forwarded after collecting necessary evidence. He added production of water was banned until the company submitted proof of quality assurance in the future.

The team said there were cowsheds in the surroundings of the water production site. As many as seven to eight workers were busy processing and packaging on the muddy field. As per one  worker, the proprietor did not like to take information about the water. He said workers had requested the team not to seal the company as it was a matter of their job. Locals said the company had been operating for the last 20 years. They added that the company was registered only one year ago at Yamdi in Pokhara.