Dashain fails to bring joy to flood victims in west

KANCHANPUR: The flood victims of Kanchanpur are literally begging to make their ends meet at a time when the entire country is gripped by festive mood during the Dasain festival.

Flood affected people of the district are going from pillar to post asking for their relief and rehabilitation. They are approaching the different governmental and non-governmental organizations for relief but are upset after none of these organizations has taken any initiatives for providing relief to the flood victims. Employees deputed from the District Administration Office while collecting data on the damage of floods had said they were collecting the particulars for providing the relief.

The flood victims who are living in makeshift camps are living in great difficulty. Old men and women and children in the camps are falling sick due to pneumonia and cold and cough. More than 5,000 people in Kanchanpur district were displaced from their homes due to the flood this year. Over 800 bigahas of arable land was eroded.

Flood victims have blamed the local administration of not fulfilling the commitment made by the Home Minister Bhim Rawal and Prime Minister Madhav Kumar Nepal when they visited Kanchanpur. The district natural disaster relief office said initiatives were being taken to distributing relief package and compensation to the flood victims the Tihar.