DDC’s tax collection disrupted

Dhading, September 17 :

The Dhading district development committee (DDC) is bearing a daily loss of Rs 200,000 as the collection of tax is disrupted due to Maoist pressure.

The Maoists, alleging that irregularity abound in the contract system of tax collection, have restricted the collection of tax on gravel, stones, sand and kawadi (scrap metals) in the southern part of the district from September 4.

The DDC had given the contract to Krishnahari Shrestha to collect tax on the supply of stones, pebbles, and sand on the condition that he submit Rs 5,19,51,776 to the Dhading district development committee in the current fiscal year.

The DDC had given the contract for collecting tax on kawadi to Nripesh Neupane on the condition that he submit Rs 5,09,500.

The contractors said they have been unable to collect any tax from September 4.

Meanwhile, a meeting of the local administration, DDC, contractors and representatives of other stakeholders decided to urge the Maoists to withdraw the restriction, said a participant in the meeting.