Defence Min urges Madhesi parties to refrain from regional hubris

BARA: Deputy prime Minister and Defence Minister Ishwor Pokhrel on Saturday urged Madhesi parties to refrain from hubris based on regionalism.

Addressing a ceremony organised by Nepal Communist Party (NCP) at party office in Kalaiya in Bara, DPM Pokhrel advised the provincial government of Province 2 to move forward in unison with all stakeholders.

Likewise, the Deputy Prime Minister also suggested the province government to be cautious of strong presence of NCP (NCP) in the province.

“Central government and NCP (NCP) will not be bystanders if the province government crosses its boundaries,” the defence minister warned.

Likewise, another senior leader of NCP (NCP) Madhav Kumar Nepal on Friday had hinted of a possible NCP (NCP) government formation in province 2.

Citing that Nepal is inclusive of all races and ethnicities, Minister Pokhrel said that forces should not try to distant the regional population of mountain, hills and Terai with hatred towards each other’s ethnicities.

The Deputy Prime Minister also clarified that the government will not allow separatist forces to walk with excessive pride.