Minister for defense Bal Krishna Khand

Minister for Defense Bal Krishna Khand speaking at a programme in Kathmandu, on Tuesday, October 4, 2016. Photo: RSS
Bhimad, December 4 Minister for Defence Balkrishna Khand today said that the three major political parties should be united to amend the new statute and implement it. Speaking at the closing ceremony of First Bhimad Festival in Tanahun, Khand said the Nepali Congress, UML and CPN-Maoist Centre had united while promulgating the new statute and they should unite once again to settle the problem facing the country. “Since the parties will exist if the nation does, the three major parties should work in tandem to save the country,” Khand said. Khand reiterated that unity among the three major parties was a must to address the demands raised by the United Democratic Madhesi Front. He stressed the need to take the disgruntled Madhesi parties into confidence to resolve the problem facing the nation. “Whether we live in the plains, hills or mountain, we are all Nepalis and it will always be the same. Thus, it is very urgent that we amend the statute to address the Madhesi parties’ demands,” Khand added.