Demonstration continues in Birgunj

BIRGUNJ: Birgunj, which was relatively peaceful for last one month, has turned into a battlefield again, after the death of an Indian national on Monday.

Clashes have erupted between the security personnel and the agitators in various parts of Birgunj today as well.

The administration has continued the curfew imposed since Monday.

However, the administration is trying to normalise the situation by relaxing the curfew.

Birgunj is tense since Monday after the security personnel tried to intervene demonstrators at the Indo-Nepal border point.

Maiistan, Nagawa, Ghariaruba, Ghantaghar and Chapakaiya of the city remained tense throughout the day as the security personnel and demonstrators clashed repeatedly.

At least a dozen people were injured from both sides during the clash in Birgunj today.