KATHMANDU: Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Defence, Ishwar Pokhrel, has left for the United Arab Emirates (UAE) on a visit at the formal invitation from UAE's Prime Minister and Defence Minister, Mohammed bin Rashid, today.

While in Dubai, the Deputy Prime Minister and Defence Minister will hold high-level discussions and meetings. He will also attend the 'Dubai Air Show' on its inauguration, and the main show as a guest, taking place on Sunday.

Ishwar Pokhrel

Defence Secretary Reshmi Raj Pandey, including others, bidding farewell to Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Defence, Ishwar Pokhrel, before his departure for the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Saturday, November 16, 2019. Photo: Deputy Prime Minister Secretariat/RSS

Likewise, DPM Pokharel will hold meetings with the UAE's Sheikh, leaders of the Dubai trade society and high officials of the UAE government. He will hold discussions with the various sides. He will also be holding formal discussions with the Nepali community and foreign investors as per the policy of Government of Nepal to prioritise attraction of foreign investment for economic prosperity.

On Monday evening, Deputy Prime Minister Pokharel is scheduled to meet and hold special discussions with the investors and business community of Nepal and various countries as well as with high officials of Dubai Chamber of Commerce on the 'possibilities of investment in Nepal', said Lokendra KC, Deputy Prime Minister's press coordinator.

The Defence Minister's entourage includes Chief of Nepal Army's Eastern Division Headquarters, Major General Ananta Karki, Joint Secretary at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Central and West Asia and Africa Division, Harishchandra Ghimire, and personal Joint-Secretary of the DPM, Dipendra Shrestha.

Deputy Prime Minister Pokhrel will return home on November 20.