Detail of around 2,000 employees prepared for provincial governments

KATHMANDU: The government has prepared the details of employees required for the provincial governments.

The Ministry of General Administration has prepared the particulars of around 2,000 employees stating that this number of employees would be required at the proposed seven ministries in the seven provinces at present.

Shiva Ram Neupane, spokesperson at the Ministry, stated that the details of the employees required in 49 ministries have been prepared.

"These employees can be deputed for work once the Province chiefs are appointed," said Neupane.

Details of the employees have been prepared as a pro-tem management for operating the province governments but the employees will be deputed in the ministries in each province on a permanent basis after the adjustment of the employees is done.

According to Neupane, the details have been prepared for employees from secretary level to the office help. He said provision has been made to assign a secretary at the province council of ministers and joint secretary at the provincial ministries.