Detentions won’t work, says Koirala

Himalayan News Service

Biratnagar, May 4:

NC president Girija Prasad Koirala has said that political parties cannot be rendered weak by placing political leaders under house arrest.

Koirala made this remark while addressing a meeting of party cadres of the eastern region in Biratnagar today.

“The King’s attempts to weaken the parties will bring his tricks to light,” Koirala said, claiming that he knew of the King’s numerous ‘secrets’. “Since the parties have the support of foreigner friends, they need not fear the Royal Palace,” he said. “Our foreign friends have told us to prepare a manifesto of the joint agitation,” he said, asking cadres not to be afraid. “Parties will prepare a joint agenda and launch an agitation to establish a full democracy.”

“Full democracy will bring the King within the ambit of the Constitution,” he said, adding the new generation will never have to launch an agitation against regression since full democracy will rule out regression.

Koirala said the King had violated the Constitution, a sacred manifesto of the people and the King. “The Constitution was the manifesto for national unity and reconciliation. Since it has been crushed, our movement will now be centred against the move that crushed it.”