Development gets locals misnomer in Gorkha

CHHEPETAR: The locals have accused that the ongoing construction of Daroundi Bridge in Chhepetar, Gorkha, is just a deception in the name of development. They have said that the bridge which is just a few meters above the water level in winter will be washed away during flood.

The bridge is being constructed over the Daroundi River connecting Chhepetar of Gorkha Municipality-2 with Khoplang VDC. The locals were taken aback after the construction company said that the construction of the pillars for the bridge was over. "The water level will touch the lower surface of the bridge in winter," the locals said. "How can the bridge exist in the floods during the rainy season?" they questioned. They said that the Department of Road has deceived the people by constructing the bridge for namesake.

The bridge in its completion is supposed to connect all the VDCs of Gorkha constituency No 2 and a few VDCs of Gorkha constituency No 1 and open the Barhakilo-Chhepetar-Bhaluswara road for all seasons. Currently the vehicles ply on the road only during winters, however. Local Shushil Shrestha said, "Our frequent request to increase the height of the bridge has been ignored. Now, we have no hope."

The bridge is 87 meter long and 5 meter wide. But the villagers have said that the bridge does not have the required height of 10 meter from the water level.

Khud Bahadur Panta, a local, said, "The water level during a flood last September had reached a level as same as the height of the pillar which has been constructed." The locals, nevertheless, hope the bridge will open up opportunities of development in the area.