Development projects cost Majhi people means of livelihood

PHIDIM: The development of physical infrastructure may enhance quality life in general. However, it has turned opposite for more than 150 Majhi families residing near the banks of Tamor River in Panchthar and Terhathum districts.

The construction of infrastructures like roads and bridges has risked the fishing profession of Majhi people, of late.

With the development of bridges, the boating services were closed while with the development of roads, other people have also started fishing as their professions. These both phenomena snatched away means of livelihood of Majhi people, they complained.

Meanwhile, the floods followed by the April 25 earthquakes also raised problems for the people as no more fish is left in the River.

According to Prakash Majhi of Simraghat in Simle -3, they used to catch five to 10 kilos fish per day; but this year, it has been hard even to get fish just sufficient for a meal.