Development, prosperity only goals of govt: Chief Minister Rai

Khotang, February 14

Province 1 Chief Minister Sherdhan Rai today said development and prosperity were the only agendas of the incumbent government.

Inaugurating the first Diktel Festival in Khotang, CM Rai held that peoples’ dreams and aspirations would be fulfilled one by one. “We do not have any other plans. We just have a single plan to usher in development and prosperity,” he added. He reiterated that all three tiers of the government would wholeheartedly work for development and prosperity of the nation.

Chief Minister Rai said the provincial government was working to link rural municipalities and their headquarters with road networks that would be operational both in winter as well as summer. “Every ward in the district are connected with roads, but these roads operate only during winter. The provincial government is working to make rural roads functional throughout the year,” he added.

Chief Minister Rai pledged that his government would work to provide basic facilities such as quality education, health and irrigation to every household to lay the foundation for development and prosperity.