Development unlikely under present leadership, says BRB

Pokhara, June 17

Naya Shakti Party-Nepal Coordinator Baburam Bhattarai has said that development and prosperity of the country is not possible under the present government.

Speaking at a press conference organised by Press Club, Pokhara, here today, Bhattarai said, “A big change requires a big effort, which is not possible from a slow-paced government of the present.

At least the recent policies and programmes unveiled by the government do not show any such possibility.”

“There was a belief that the government commanding two-thirds majority in the Parliament would do wonders, but it has failed to be any different from the previous governments,” said Bhattarai, criticising the budget for failing to encourage the private sector.

Further, the NSP-N dwelt on his party’s line to achieve development and prosperity through socialist democracy and went on to say, “We can be like developed countries but that calls for an economic revolution in the country and our party is ready to lead such a revolution.”

Bhattarai also accused the communist leaders of giving up their ideology. “It is wrong on the part of the communist parties that vowed to change society through revolution to relish in luxuries,” he said, adding it was wrong to provide special privileges to the former VIPs.