Dhading DFO detains NEA district chief for 3 hours

DHADING: The District Forest Officer in Dhading detained the Nepal Electricity Authority's district head for three hours on Wednesday, accusing the latter of defying his order.

Imanath Paudel had detained and manhandled Satya Narayan Gami after inviting Gami to his own office for some "clarification."

Earlier, four days ago, the DFO had written to the NEA Regional Office, Kathmandu, requesting the power authority to cut off the electricity supplied to the Radio Dhading as it reportedly constructed a building in the forest area.

However, Ghami said he was unable to cut off the power just because being directed by the DFO. Likewise, disconnecting the power line without a valid reason was against rules of the NEA, he added.

Meanwhile, civil servants working in the district also accused the Chief District Officer Bishwa Prakash Subedi also of extending support to Paudel for the "assault."

They warned of staging protest if Ghani was not released on time.

The radio, on the other hand, has requested the NEA to supply power uninterruptedly as it had filed a case at the Supreme Court seeking security of its property.