Dhading folk bristle at lack of amenities

Himalayan News Service

Dhading, June 3:

The frequent digging up of roads, disruption in power supply, telephone lines going on the blink and irregular water supply have been rubbing Dhading inhabitants the wrong way since a long time. Except for the highways that cut through the district, the inner roads have not been macadamised yet. Locals have to sniff dust in the winter and tread mud in the rainy season. Fed up, the people have started coming together for a change, once and for all. They have started constructing a drainage system in and around the headquarter areas. The District Development Committee has acknowledged the villagers’ effort and has promised to macadamise the roads the former construct. Dhrub Bahadur Thapa, pres-ident of the consumers’ construction sounded enthusiastic. “We are ready to skimp on our meals to contribute to the construction,” he said.

For construction of the drainage system, DDC will offer Rs 365 per metre and the people will cover 75 per cent of the construction cost. Macadamising the road will require Rs 68,00,000, said Bharat Kumar Regmi, local development official. The remainder of the money will be supplied the next fiscal year. Problems of disrupted telephone services and drinking water will remain for the moment. The burgeoning population of Dhadingbesi is one reason why the water supply is insufficient.