‘Dhading lags behind in development’

Dhading, February 22

Vice-chairman of the National Planning Commission Dr Pushpa Kandel said Dhading district lagged behind in development index compared to Karnali region. He urged people’s representatives to focus on development of the district.

Addressing a programme organised here today on the occasion of 7th Dhading Festival, Dr Kandel said per capita income of Karnali people was USD 637 while it was USD 607 in Dhading.

He said the federal government was working on some projects including road connectivity of Ruby valley area, tourism promotion of Ruby valley, development of Budhi Gandaki Hydropower Project and development of alternative highway parallel to the Prithvi Highway for the development of Dhading district.

According to Dr Kandel, some new development projects, including Dhadingbensi-Syaphrubensi road, Ganga-Jamuna tourism development and Bhairabhi temple tourism development programme will be started from the coming fiscal year.

The NPC Vice-chair urged the local governments to work harder for the development of the district.