Dhankuta quake victims deprived of third tranche of housing grant

Dhankuta, March 9

More than 50 per cent earthquake victims have been deprived of the third tranche of grant meant for reconstruction of houses in Dhankuta. After technicians refused to recommend on different pretexts, only 46 per cent victims received the grant amount so far.

Of the total 3,298 beneficiaries, only 1,494 have received the third tranche for house construction. Similarly, 80 per cent and 70 per cent beneficiaries have received the first and second tranches of the grant amount, said District Project Implementation Unit Dhankuta Chief Thirendra Dahal.

Technicians said they had not recommended the third tranche of the grant as the new houses were not quake-resistant, old dilapidated houses were not pulled down, and some houses were rebuilt without passing the map.

Meanwhile, quake victims, have said that technicians’ non-recommendation had deprived them of the third tranche of grant money. Quake victim Ram Mishra complained that she was not recommended for the third instalment of grant money though she had produced the recommendation from the ward office.