Dialogue with government irrelevant, says Upendra Yadav

Birgunj, May 10  

National Chairman of Federal Socialist Forum-Nepal Upendra Yadav today said there was no point in sitting for talks with the incumbent government as the government had failed.

Speaking at a press meet organised by Madhesi Journalists Society, Parsa chapter in Birgunj today, Yadav held that there was no relevance in holding talks with the present government and accused the government

of staging drama in the name of talks.

He said the new forms of protest launched by the United Democratic Madhesi Front (UDMF) would be Kathmandu-centred. “The government will face a great loss if the demands put forward by UDMF are not met,” he claimed.

Yadav accused the KP Oli-led government of blackmailing the international community and said that donors had also reduced their support to the country of late.

“The people are suffering are suffering due to shortage of petroleum products and are not getting cooking gas, petrol and diesel, among other necessary items, even though the nature of the Madhes protest has changed,” he claimed.

Yadav said the government is giving protection to the corrupt and black-marketeers.

Yadav clarified that there was no dispute among the constituents of the front.

“The ongoing Madhes protest has taken a national form,” he said. Yadav appealed to all to make the agitation, which will start from May 14 decisive.