Diarrhoea claims six lives in Kalikot

Kalikot, May 1:

Six persons have died of diarrhoea in Chhapre VDC of Kalikot district in course of a week. Masine Sunar’s six-year-old daughter Sharmila Sunar, 59-year-old Chhata Bam of Chhapre VDC 2, Krishna Bam’s 10-year-old son Til Bahadur Bam of Chhapre VDC 6 are among the dead, according to the Kalikot district police office.

Diarrhoea has killed many villagers because hospitals based in the district are without doctors and medicines, 50-year-old Pankha Shahi, who came to Manma, the district headquarters of Kalikot, from Chhapre VDC 9, said.

Meanwhile, the district public health office said a team of health workers reached the affected area yesterday and began treating diarrhoea patients.

Diarrhoea has been raging in 17 VDCs of the district, including Bharta, Sukatiya, Chhapre, Pankha, Jubiya and Muthahal. The people of Kalikot have accused the government of not doing enough to save the lives of diarrhoea patients.