Diarrhoea outbreak in Kailali's homeless shelter

DHANGADHI: An outbreak of diarrhoea has been reported among the homeless persons sheltered at Sahara Ghar in Bardagoriya of Kailali district.

The house provides shelter to the homeless suffering from various psychological ailments.

Many of those sheltered are suffering from diarrhoea that is caused by the cold weather, informed Bal Bahadur Bista, chairperson of the shelter.

The shelter is currently providing general treatment while requesting a more comprehensive support from various agencies. However, they haven't received any such support so far, lamented Bista. “The disease is yet to come under control,” he said.

Sahara Ghar lacks adequate facilities including physical infrastructure, drinking water, and health facilities with people compelled to live under tin roofs in this cold weather.

There are 65 individuals living in the shelter at present.

(Translated by Sandeep Sen, Edited by Priyanka Adhikari)