Difficult path puts life of Bajura people at stake

BAJURA: A difficult walking path in Kolti VDC of the district has put travellers' life at stake.

The difficulty has caused problems to the local people.

A narrow stream that lies beside the walking trail from Koti Bazaar to Martadi, headquarters of the district, has caused the problems.

Further, rainwater frequently sweeps away the makeshift bridges made of woods by the people, further hindering them from journeys time and again, informed Pradip Raj Giri, a local.

People's journey along the route has diminished after the difficulties in the walking path, informed Ramesh BK of Kolti-8.

Students of Kolti Bazaar subsequently have to walk three hours to reach the school, the locals informed.

Local agricultural productions like apples and potatoes get rotten in the village due to obstacles in taking them to bazaars, claimed locals.

The locals have already informed the concerned stakeholders, but in vain, they complained.