Dipayal locals unite to set up multiple campus

Dipayal, October 31:

People from different walks of life have decided to establish a multiple campus in Dipayal, the headquarters of the far-western development region.

“Social workers, teachers, journalists and civilians made a decision to this effect during a meeting held here today,” said Dirgha Bahadur Kathayat, a teacher at the Dilipeshwor Higher Secondary School in Dipayal.

Though the district does not have any campus, classes of higher secondary level have been run in a local school for three years. The district also has a public lower secondary school and a private secondary school.

The meeting has decided to name the campus Dipayal Multiple Campus, Doti.

The campus plans to run higher-secondary level programmes in the faculty of management and education from the next academic session.

A 15-member main committee has been formed under the coordination of Ghanshyam Dutt Pathak, chairman of the management committee of Dilipeshwor Higher Secondary School, to run classes for the higher secondary level in the campus.

“The main committee will form different sub-committees to speed up the work to establish a campus in Dipayal,” said principal of the Dilipeshwor Higher Secondary School and member of the main committee, Ratan Bahadur Shah.

Since there are no campuses in Doti district, SLC graduates from the district have no option except to go to other places for further studies.

“SLC graduate girls from Doti district have been finding it difficult to pursue higher studies because of the lack of campus here,” a local Krishna Rawat said. He further added that these girls would have the opportunity to enrol at higher secondary programmes in the district itself once the campus is established.