Dipayal performs best among 16 appeals courts

DIPAYAL: The Appellate Court in Dipayal has become the best performer among 16 appeals courts of the nation for the fiscal year 2014/15 which ends today.

Chief Judge of the Court, Deepak Kumar Karmi, said the Court became the best performer by settling 89.25 per cent of total registered and pending cases.

Among 444 new and 68 pending cases, the Court pronounced verdicts on 457 cases.

“It has been possible because of my colleagues’ support despite lack of resources,” he said.

The Court had set a target of settling 75 cases this year.

Another Judge at the Court Nara Bahadur Shahi expressed his happiness for being able to provide justice to locals of remote regions.

“This has inspired us to work better and more effectively tomorrow, “he added.

Last year also, it had settled 83 per cent of cases.

Meanwhile, the Court introduced an SMS system to inform service recipients about hearing date and verdict details.