Directive on use of citizen app comes into force


The Citizen App Operation Directive developed by the Government of Nepal has come into effect, with introduction of beta version of the app for public test to provide government services to citizens at their fingertips by ensuring optimum utilisation of information technology.

The Ministry of Communications and Information Technology had announced introduction of the app to deliver government services to citizens in an integrated manner via android mobile users. Its motto is ‘Government Services Online, Not in Line’.

The agencies that will provide services through citizen mobile app are Public Service Commission, Election Commission, Office of the Auditor General, Public Procurement Monitoring Office, Department of Passports, Department of Foreign Employment, Department of Transport Management, Inland Revenue Department, Department of Land Management and Archive, Office of the Company Registrar, Social Security Fund and other agencies prescribed by the Government of Nepal.

As per the directive, any Nepali citizen wishing to get registered with the citizen app may submit an application via his/her personal mobile phone. Upon receipt of the application, the applicant shall be provided with one-time password.

The OTP has to be entered along with his/her name and surname, address and date of birth for the service the user desires to receive from the prescribed government agencies.

The government agency will verify the authenticity of the SIM and of the concerned users from the telecom service provider before delivering the required services.

If the details mentioned by the users don’t match the records maintained in the office of telecom service providers, the registration process shall be cancelled.

Government services may not be received via the app without registration. “If a user is registered with the app, he/she shall submit an application to receive the services online. In case any fee is chargeable for the service, the amount shall be paid to the concerned government service provider agency as instructed in the app,” the directive says. No additional charge shall be levied for using the app.

It requires the concerned government service provider agency to attach priority to service delivery to citizens through the app 24 hours a day. “The service provider agencies prescribed by the government shall be responsible for maintaining the privacy of details and information of users in accordance with the existing law,” it says.