Discharged Maoist fighters joining YCL?

POKHARA: The Unified CPN-Maoist is preparing to induct 300 combatants disqualified by the United Nations Missions to Nepal (UNMIN) and discharged recently into the Tamuwan State Committee of the party.

According to a party source, the combatants will be deployed in the Tamuwan area.

The government had discharged around 4,000 combatants from Maoist cantonments recently.

Maoists’ paramilitary wing, the young Communist League (YCL), Kaski, claimed that the discharged combatants were imparting “physical training” to

YCL cadres.

The source, however, claimed that the participants were given military training.

The training was conducted for nine days.

A district leader of the YCL said that about 2,000 cadres participated in the training.

According to him, the discharged combatants will be under the command of the YCL now onwards.

A source claimed that 140 combatants have come under the Kaski YCL. The source informed that other combatants will be deployed to seven other districts.

Meanwhile, Maoist leader Ramji Baral said that the party’s central committee will decide on the

deployment of the combatants. “A meeting of the

central committee of

the party will decide on this matter,” he said.