Discussion on Karki impeachment to conclude on Sunday

KATHMANDU: The Legislature-Parliament is likely to conclude the ongoing discussion on the impeachment motion against the CIAA chief,  Lok  Man Singh Karki, on Sunday.

Speaking to media persons following the Parliament meeting on Friday, Speaker Onsari Gharti said she has urged the leaders of the main political parties for concluding the issue instead of prolonging the discussion.

Even the chief whips were told to put forth their views representing their parties, she added.

So far, as many as 51 lawmakers have put forth their views on the impeachment motion, while 30 are in the list to speak.

Similarly, there are 33 bills waiting discussion, according to the Speaker.

The Speaker expressed her hope that the continuous discussions among the political parties in the recent time has created atmosphere for consensus.

The national agenda including the impeachment motion could not be sorted out without consensus among the political parties, so the parties were urged for this accordingly, she said.

Speaker Gharti stressed on taking together the bills relating to the constitution implementation and the other issues.