Discussions begin with opposition to introduce Province 7 budget

DHANGADHI: Minister for Economic Affairs and Planning of Province 7, Jhapat Bahadur Bohara, has carried out discussions with the lawmakers of the main opposition party Nepali Congress regarding the province budget for the fiscal year 2018/19, on Friday.

Minister Bohara shared, as the first step towards the preparation of the upcoming budget, discussions were held with the lawmakers of the main opposition party. He said, "Serious discussions were carried out to bring in the budget keeping in mind the economic development and prosperity of the province."

The meeting was carried out to discuss the policies, programmes and budget of the province government. The Minister further informed that it was also discussed that the purpose and priority of the upcoming budget must be incorporated in government's policies and programmes.

It has been learnt that an agreement has been reached with the Nepali Congress lawmakers that a consensus, regarding the pride projects of the province, would be reached among all the provincial assembly members.

Likewise, Minister Bohara shared that poverty alleviation, access to education for all, tourism development, and physical infrastructure development would be stressed while introducing the budget, policies and programmes of the province.

It has also been learnt that the Finance Ministry is preparing to introduce special programme which would focus on the economic development and prosperity of Dalit, women, youth, farmers, persons with disabilities, along with Wadi, Raute, Kamaiya, and Chidimar communities.

Minister Bohara stated, "We have already begun preparations to bring the buget within the alloted time." For the upcoming fiscal year 2018/19, Province 7 government is expected to bring in a tentative budget of Rs 19 billion, as indicated by the Ministry.