Dispute on local level restructuring disrupts public services

PHALEBAS: Local bodies did not come into operation followed by a dispute over the headquarters in Jaljala Rural Municipality of Parbat district.

The dispute emerged after the government declared the then Majphant VDC office as the centre of the newly formed Jaljala Rural Municipality.

The dispute, which began after the government made announcement of 744 local bodies on March 10, has disrupted the office setup and public service delivery in the local bodies there.

People residing in Dhairing, Nagliwang, Banau and Salija have been demanding to transfer the headquarters to Milanchok of Dhairing for their convenience.

Meanwhile, locals of Bansakharka and Majhphant have been pressurising to set the office at the present place as a notice for the same has already been published in the Nepal Gazette.

They have even launched protests in Beni by blocking the Beni-Maldhunga road section daily.