Dispute over republic futile: Ramraja

Rajbiraj, October 14:

Chairman of Janabadi Morcha Ramraja Prasad Singh today said disputing over the issue of republic was meaningless in the present context.

Speaking to reporters in Rajbiraj, he said, “Former king Gyanendra Shah has left the royal palace after the CA polls. Republic was established easily, thus it is worthless to quarrel over its establishment.”

This could be the first instance that Ramraja spoke to media since losing the presidential election.

“Irrespective of the kind of republic, human rights of the people should be protected. As the entire nation is united to draft a new constitution, no force can hinder the constitution-making process,” Singh said.

“Nobody can come in the way of drafting the statute.” He also expressed hope that the new constitution will be drafted on time.

The future statute would be the best one, he said. “The Indians had drafted their constitution 58 years ago and it is still functioning well there.”

“Federal states should be carved out in the country on the basis of the natural division of Mountain, Hill and Tarai regions,” he said. “Several languages, cultures and religions of the three regions should be kept in mind while making states.”

When asked about the solution to the Tarai violence, he said, “I had also endeavoured to resolve the problem. However, I myself fell into a controversy.”

Over the issue of Tarai armed outfits demanding a separate Madhes state, he said, “It is impossible to separate Madhes from Nepal. Madhes is not a commodity, which can be sold in the market.”