With the increasing coronavirus infections in Banke, movement towards the Indian bordering market, Rupaidiha, has been prohibited by District Risk Management Centre, Banke.

Superintendent of Police (SP) Om Bahadur Rana at District Police Office, Banke, said that movement towards Rupaidiha has been prohibited as coronavirus cases have surged in India. He also shared that Covid-19 test has been made mandatory at Jamunaha border point to those returning from different cities of India.

Rana added that he visited the bordering area today and directed the security personnel to fulfill all measures of precaution, following complaints that necessary precautions were not being taken.

He shared that police have also shown activeness in enforcing public compliance to wear face masks and maintain social distancing at Nepalgunj bazaar.

Chief District Officer Shiva Ram Gelal said that the meeting of District Risk Management Centre, Banke, decided to prohibit the movement towards India except for essential work, to increase human resources at bordering areas for health tests of those returning from India, to operate isolation centres, to operate Covid ward at Teaching Hospital, Kohalpur, and to take action against those moving without wearing a mask.

Covid ward at Bheri Hospital in Nepalgunj remains packed with coronavirus infected people. The rapid rise of Covid-19 in India is said to have directly impacted Banke district.