Divorce cases up in Parsa

BIRGUNJ, July 29

Divorce cases have been on the rise in Parsa district of late due to early marriage and the increasing trend of foreign employment.

It is said that divorce cases have been increasing in the district because husbands do not return home after they go abroad for employment over a long period of time, row between couples, mistrust between husband and wife and domestic violence, among others, are said to be the major reasons behind increased cases of divorce.

According to district court statistics, divorce cases have been doubling each year in the district. In the fiscal 2013/14, as many as 60 couples had filed for divorce in the court. The number has doubled in comparison to the previous year.

A staff at the court, Shambhu Kumar Basnet, said that more than 221 couples had filed for divorce in the court this year, adding, that early marriage and the trend of going abroad for employment were the major reasons behind the rise in divorce cases. Basnet further claimed that the suspicion of husbands regarding their wives has  increased with many wives being involved in illicit relationship with other men when the husbands are in foreign land. Domestic violence is yet another factor contributing to the rise in divorce cases in the district.

Meanwhile, a social worker, Munna Sarraf said divorce cases would come down if child marriage and dowry were banned. He further added, that there was a need to build trustworthy and honest environment between husband and wife for the same.