Doctors issue epidemic alert to flood victims

Kathmandu, August 13

Medical professionals issued health alert targeting flood victims across the country. They said flood victims must be cautious to prevent water borne and vector borne diseases.

After flooding, people are likely to suffer from water borne diseases such as diarrhoea, cholera, Hepatitis A, Hepatitis E, typhoid and other gastrointestinal diseases. There is also high risk of malaria, dengue, chikungunya among other diseases.

“Mosquitoes will lay eggs in stagnant water. Therefore, people need to be aware,” said Dr Anup Bastola, consultant, tropical medicine at Sukraraj Tropical and Infectious Diseases Hospital, Teku.

There is also chance of leptospirosis — a bacterial disease. Bacteria causing leptospirosis gets transmitted from cattle (cow, pigs) urine. The disease gets transmitted through direct human contact with cattle urine, blood, tissue and exposure to contaminated environment. “Swimming in flooded waters should be strongly prohibited,” warned Dr Bastola.

Doctors advised to wear full-sleeve clothes, use nets and apply mosquito repellents to stay safe from vector borne diseases.