Dolakha quake-hit households get final share of reconstruction grant

KATHMANDU: As many as 67 quake-hit households in Dolakha have received the third tranche of the reconstruction grant.

Among 258 households in the district that had received the second tranche, 67 households were given additional Rs 100,000 to finish the construction of their houses, informed the National Reconstruction Authority on Thursday.

The recipients of the grant were residents of Chhetrapa, Jungu, Kabhre and Namdu VDCs.

Meanwhile, many quake-hit families from the 14 earthquake-affected districts are yet to receive the first instalment, it has been learnt.

The NRA has also called the eligible quake survivors, who have already received the first tranche, to claim their share of the second tranche.

The government provides Rs 50,000 in the first phase, Rs 150,000 in the second and Rs 100,000 in the third phase to complete the reconstruction of the houses.