Dolphin census launched in Mohana River

DHANGADHI: The census of dolphins has been carried out in Mohana River and its tributaries in Kailali district since Saturday.

Dolphin Conservation Center (DCC) based in Thapapur-4 of  Kailali district has conducted the census of the aquatic mammals.

The census of the aquatic mammal  will be carried out in the area from Chaugurdi, the confluence of Karnali River and Mohana River to Himmatpur section of Mohana River and 15 different places  in the tributaries of Mohana River including Patharaiya, Kanda, Kanara, said the Dolphin Conservation Center's Founder Bhoj Raj Shrestha, aka Guleli Baje.

The DCC has engaged a group of ten dolphin experts into two teams. The census is being monitored by Professor Dr Mukesh Chalise of The Department of Zoology of Tribhuvan University and Bijay Raj Shrestha of the Centre.

The first day of the census showed the existence of more dolphins than expected, said the founder.

The census has been conducted according as a decision made in a conference  held between International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) and The Dolphin Conservation Center (DCC) few months ago.

The centre has also arranged to conduct the census in Karnali River, its tributary Geruwa, and Narayani and Koshi River this monsoon, said the Dolphin Conservation Center's Founder.

Dolphins, regarded as one of the most intelligent mammals second to the human beings are found in abundance in Mohana, Kanda, Kandra, Patharaiya and other tributaries of Karnali River during the monsoon.