Donation demands terrify traders in Inaruwa, Itahari

Itahari, July 28:

The business communities in Itahari and Inaruwa of Sunsari are terrified due to the threats and growing demands for donation by the Jwala Singh and Jay Krishna Goit factions of the Janatantrik Tarai Mukti Morcha and the Madhesi Tigers.

In district headquarters Inaruwa every trader is regularly getting letters and phone calls from the two JTMMs and the Tigers, who threaten the traders to either donate money as per their demands or face the consequences. The whole of Inaruwa bazaar is in the grip of the “donation demand terror”.

An Inaruwa Chambers of Commerce and Industries source said traders in Inaruwa have been told by the JTMMs and Tigers to pay up amounts ranging from Rs 25,000 to Rs 1.50 lakh. “The businessmen have been told that those failing to pay the amount demanded will be killed,” said a trader on condition of anonymity.

The government has taken no strong step to check the extortion menace. A businessman alleged: “We have witnessed officials from the administration and security

wings hobnobbing and even drinking with members of the two JTMMs and the Tigers. When we approach the administration seeking their help, no one cares to listen.”

The terror of the donation-seeking groups prevails in Haripur and Bhantabari areas also. An Inaruwa Chambers of Commerce and Industries member said: “In these areas, the JTMMs and Tigers are targeting the members of the Marwari community. Many Marwari traders have told us that they are being threatened to pay Rs 50,000 as donation.”