Donation terror rife in Banke

NEPALGUNJ: Criminal activities have been on the rise in Banke district of late. Various armed outfits operating in the district have intensified donation drive and threats.

Armed outfits such as the Tarai Janatantrik Madhes Party Nepal, Tarai Mukti Tigers and Virus Killers among others have been demanding donation and intimidating people including government employees and leaders of political parties.

Sitapur VDC secretary Indra Bahadur Shrestha was killed after he refused to offer the amount demanded. Following that, Prakash Shrestha of Bageswori-2 Khajura was murdered. Most of the VDC secretaries and political leaders in the district have been sheltering in the district headquarters because of repeated threats.

Political leaders and peons of VDCs have been major targets of the armed groups in absence of VDC secretaries. According to victims, they have received letters threatening them of severe physical punishment if the donation asked is not provided. Letters demanding donation from Rs 2,000 to 100,000 are common in the villages. Surendranath Sapkota, sectary, NC, Banke, said villagers are feeling insecure with the escalating donation terror and threats.