Bhojpur, February 13

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Defense Bhim Rawal today pledged to ease supply of fuel, medicines and other essentials across the country.

Inaugurating a festival in Bhojpur, Rawal said, “We have seen enough of strikes and shutdowns. So its high time that we got united for the development of the country.”

Commenting on the recently promulgated constitution, he said, “As the constitution has safeguarded the rights and the concerns of people from all groups and communities living in the country, it’s time we work for the development of the country without wasting further time.”

He also called on all political parties and the common people to help the government implement the new constitution.

Speaking at the same function, Information and Communications Minister Sherdhan Rai also stressed on expediting development projects. “The political transition is now over with the promulgation of the new constitution,” he said, adding, “So it’s time to ensure development through good governance.”