NEW YORK: Deputy Prime Minister Prakash Man Singh has said that the new constitution could be amended as per the demand of time and need of the people, noting it was a document of consensus, promulgated through over two-thirds majority from the Constituent Assembly for the first time in the country.

DPM Singh, who is here to participate in the 70th United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) leading a Nepali delegation, said that it was not right on the part of some parties, which participated in the CA election, to walk out of the constitution writing process.

At a welcome programme organised by over one dozen organisations located in New York, he said, "The new constitution of the Federal Democratic Republic Nepal has been promulgated through the democratic rule and process. It can be amended as per the demand of the people and time."

Stating that the new statute has incorporated different issues including forming different commissions for Tharu, indigenous communities and Muslims, settling the disputed issues of delineation of federal states by forming a commission, DPM Singh said that major political parties have also failed to incorporate all their demands in the new constitution.

The DPM also urged the Nepalis living abroad to help invest in the national development by creating employment, saying the new constitution has given special attention on social and financial issues.

He further said that adoption and implementation of proportional, inclusive and affirmative polices and laws, mandatory participation of women in all civil and security agencies, enactment and enforcement of laws and rules with the government's zero tolerance policy to sexual and domestic violence, workplace-related sexual harassment, child marriage, among others were the commitments and achievements made by Nepal.

Similarly, Minister for Foreign Affairs, Mahendra Bahadur Pandey, underscored the need for a successful implementation of the newly promulgated constitution, which he shared, was delivered by the overwhelming majority with the maximum consensus in the Constituent Assembly.

Minister Pandey said that the new constitution has been successful to protect the rights of backward communities.

"With the promulgation of the new constitution, the country is now ready to attract foreign investment, both from the Nepalis abroad and foreigners," asserted Minister Pandey.