DPM Thapa insists on working within the bounds of Constitution

HETAUNDA: Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Federal Affairs and Local Development, Kamal Thapa, on Saturday stressed the need for the parties to shun vested and party interests and undertake activities responsibly by remaining within the boundary of constitution.

Inaugurating a programme, 'nationwide public awareness campaign constitution', organised by District Development Committee in Makawanpur, DPM Thapa pointed out that 31 fundamental rights were incorporated in the new constitution to address the extensive interests of the people from the mountainous region, hilly region and the Tarai plains.

The new constitution has ensured citizenship for a foreign woman marrying a Nepali citizen, Thapa said.

DPM Thapa added that the parties must now focus on making the country financially prosperous by establishing the people's fundamental rights through the constitutional provisions.

The Madhes-centric parties must understand that the constitution is the best till date in Nepal's history, as it has provided equal rights in a proportional fashion in addressing the inequality in terms of language, region, gender and class.

On the occasion, lawmakers Ram Narayan Bidari, Rajaram Syangtan and Indra Baniya called for working alliance among all parties in order to implement new constitution effectively.

Rastriya Prajatantra Party Nepal central member, Madhu Adhikari and Local Development Officer at Makawanpur, Laxman Bikram Thapa, called for all parties to work together to inform the people on the salient features of the constitution.